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» 1986 Model
» Highly active even from primary school like donning 'Leaping-frog' event champion title for 2 years!
» State level recognition (Kerala) came with a first prize in handwriting competition in High School days
» Pre-degree years were busy in cartooning his classmates
» Started 'TechVeda' -- Engineering College Newsletter -- in 2006 and served as its editor for one year
» One among the three men deputed for College Office Automation endeavor in 2006
» Computer Science and Engineering Graduate since 2007
» Started the professional career with a pioneer Indian company in Electronics design and services since August 2007
» First taste of international success came with Smashing Magazine's Competition of 10 best texture photographs. Secured 9th place in this event.
» Regular contributor to the blog antzFxWay.com under the pen name FULLfx
» A photography enthusiast, with a passion for portraiture, he is seen running after his niece in his spare time. His clickography is available at click.aneeska.com
» When he is not playing with his niece, he disappears in to the wild, hiking and trekking in the country side.
» Only a handful of achievements, but mountainous ambitions to conquer!

anees k A, Embedded Software Engineer

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